Iron Harvest

Crops sown so many years ago:
Across miles,
One way,
Then returned,

Echo for echo:
Stony ground,
Killing fields,
Soft impact
Simple fuses.
Mental blocks, reparations,
Seeds wait, forgotten:
Messages gone astray,
History not getting through.
Quietly, she leaves the shop
Walks numbly past lists of names.
The bell on the spring
Rings for a long, long time.
Iron harvest still being gathered.

2 thoughts on “Iron Harvest

  1. Anna Mark says:

    Iron harvest .. that is an image not easily forgotten, a lasting impression. Life can feel like we are harvesting something hard and lost.

    • beeseeker says:

      Thank you for this comment.
      Not sure where your inspiration comes from: for me this phrase was on TV. A report about bombs and shells from the First World War still turning up in farmer’s fields in Belgium and injuring twenty first century farmers.
      The rest of the piece was developed with this as a filter, but the phrase was on TV.

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