As Much Help

Stars full of statics and rains,

Sleeps full of sharks

And poison-bomb planes;

The frames as much help as the door,

When the test leaves scar marks

And your soul’s face is pressed to the floor

And you’re still going down.

Every straight’s a corner

Every down is always up a hill.

The one you picked won’t

Everybody else’s will.

Next to the Fact …

Again I’ve been dreamin’; the one

That always has me feelin’ like screamin’:

Wakin’ up in a place I know but don’t remember, last

Night’s warmth, passion an’ promise already coolin’ fast.

When the friends that I wanted were out

And the ones that I met were not.

Drifted to the palace game, realising I

Knew neither the names nor the rules. Later

At the accident club the edges were dull, the

Twice-warm’d wine and cheap skin-sin far too pale,

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Can’t …

Can’t find the minutes,

Wash out the blood,

Prise the grime out

From fingernail beds.


Can’t catch my breath,

Get shelter, get a grip,

Forget the stench that

Clogs my nostrils.


Can’t crack the code,

Hold my nerve,

See the light that’s

Meant to be there.


Can’t draw the line

Nor bridge the gap;

Can’t throw off the chains

That’re holding me back.


Can’t see through the fog,

Shake off the hunt,

Can’t afford the fare

That ought to get me there.


Can’t see the way forward,

Can’t see the way back

If there’s somebody out there

Can’t you give  me the  little

That would mean such a lot?

Things I Might Have Said ?


Be not afraid to sit alone and still

In moonlight (there is always company

Be had in that silver-friend place);

Seek out the edges of sky, sea and earth,

Travel the hidden paths as well as the crowded ones,

Give such respect as is due to

The latest phantom armies, but do not,

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So Obvious Now …

I had believed I was better,

Oh so much better,

But I failed to spot  –

All around me –

The sliding alliances,

The glances, small-significant words;

The quiet ironies, turning tides,

Altered smiles, sundowner trails

Of those giddy, head-turn days.

They drift and sing, so obvious now,

Across the years: those

Boundaries that know no wires.

Believed I was better,

So much better …

I was wrong.

The Thing About …

The thing about planes

Is they’re too jet-jet fast;

It’s translation,


Missing miles

Between passport heartbeats.

No time

Between departures

And destinations.

Blink once, twice;

It’s done, and

There’s no going back.

It’s gone,

People left

Far apart:

No second chance,

No next glance,

No going back.


And, hey, did I tell you

The thing about planes …?